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We make two different gins at our distillery: Mercant and Mascori. Our factory is located in Llubí, a small town in Mallorca, Spain, with a long history in the production of spirits and liqueurs. At our distillery we preserve this tradition by using an artisanal production process, from the distillation process in a copper still to all the subsequent processes, such as the bottling and capping, which we carry out by hand.

A traditional and artisanal process

Our Mercant and Mascori gins were awarded de Gold Medal at the Concours International de Lyon.

Our two Mercant and Mascori gins were awarded the Gold Medal at the Catavinum Spirits Competition.

Our Pareis Distillery was also awarded at the 2020 Berlin Spirits Competition.

Mascori gin was awarded a silver medal at the 2020 World Gin Awards.

We distil the gin in our copper still at low pressure, which means carrying out the production process more slowly in order to obtain a finer and more aromatic gin.

+ Time + Quality


From the very beginning of our business activity our wish was to offer products with strong personalities and of the highest quality possible. Thus, we only work with the best ingredients, high-quality cereal alcohol and natural ingredients. We do not add any kind of additives or artificial ingredients to our products.
Ours is a small-scale production and it is limited to 200-litre batches per distillation.

This is a spiced and extremely aromatic gin which is made using juniper, cinnamon, Mallorcan oranges, liquorice and other sweet spices. The gin and tonic cocktail mixed with Mercant gin is truly unique due to its original mixture of spices which predominates over the characteristic juniper taste. The result is mild, with a bitter taste from the green orange peel.

This is a gin made using lemons from Mallorca, juniper and citric spices. It is characterised by its delicate fruity aroma with an acid note. The gin and tonic cocktail made with Mascori gin is particularly refreshing. Because of its delicate taste, drinking it neat is also a very good option.

Our gins have an alcohol content of 42% ABV, they belong to the London Dry kind, and they are distilled only once mixing all the ingredients at the same time and without adding additives after this process.

100% Natural Gin